Inert Mill – series IMx

The hammer mill series IMx has been originated from two important Asnong innovations:

  • The mill design for oxidation-free milling in inert atmosphere (‘inert milling’).
  • In-line milling, e.g. in pneumatic conveying systems.

Originally, the inert milling principle was developed for solid fuel grinding under nitrogen atmosphere. With research funding from the Belgian government, Asnong developed the inert mill for application in breweries.

We have converted these development into a new hammer mill line with a wide range of applications, in particular:

  • Small batch milling for lab applications, adjuncts, coriander etc,
  • Combination of milling and pneumatic conveying, providing the ability to extract grist on the same or higher level than cereals intake,
  • Obviously, milling under inert gas atmospheres such as carbon dioxide,

In-line milling in pneumatic conveying systems (such as husks milling).

IM251 – 1200 kg/Hr

(All figures by approximation)

Maximum capacity: 1200 Kg/Hr
Standard: 11 kW = 1100 kg/hr malt
Range: 11 – 22 kW

IM351 – 2300 kg/Hr

(All figures by approximation)

Maximum capacity: 2300 KG/Hr
Standard: 22 kW = 2100 KG/hr malt
Range: 18 – 30 kW

IM552A – 15.0 T/Hr

(All figures by approximation)

Maximum capacity: 15.0 T/Hr
Standard: 132 kW = 13.0 T/hr (malt only)
Range: 90 – 160 kW
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