Raw material treatment in breweries is an often neglected aspect and does not always receive the attention it deserves, even though it is the start and essence of your end product and extremely mission-critical for the brewery performance. If the foundation of your brewing process is not solid the end product will not acquire the desired quality. We see this over and over again.

Asnong is the one stop shop for all your raw material handling matters:

  • Design and implementation of complete raw material handling installations based upon functional customer requirements. This includes silos, traditional and pneumatic transport, cleaning lines, mills, dosing, buffering, intermediate storage amongst others;
  • Manufacturing of key components like a full line of hammer mills, drum sieves, grist bins, bag intake pits, big bag stations, breakers, dust and grain separators;
  • Design and implementation of all electrical and automation aspects through our partners;
  • Analysis and consultancy on safety aspects, such as compliance with ATEX legislation;
  • Optimisation of brew house extract yields by equipment tuning;
  • Maintenance of raw material handling lines.
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